Giadela Tumulus

Germil, Ponte da Barca

The area corresponding to the Serra Amarela has seen human occupation since at least the Neolithic. There are various archaeological remains that attest to the beginnings of human presence in this mountain range. At this spot, in the parish of Germil, in a flat area about 650 meters above sea level, there has been identified what appears to be a small tumulus (evidenced by the small elevation in the soil profile). It is the vestige of an archaeological funeral site of Neolithic age, the oldest examples of which in Portugal date back to the end of the sixth millennium before present. This kind of monument has many architectural, structural, dimensional and other variants. No pillars are visible. Despite its small dimensions, it is a clearly visible feature in a landscape whose flattened configuration is broken only by the profile of this tumulus. From this monument’s location there are excellent views, especially to the West, over the valley of the Germil river.
There is reference to the existence of a necropolis on this site, the Necropolis of Giadela, but which, apart from this tumulus, has been completely destroyed.



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