Lapa rivulet

Soajo, Arcos de Valdevez

This mountain stream is fed by its own springs as well as by waters of other rivulets flowing off the Soajo mountain range.

Through several generations the Lapa rivulet has sustained and supported the irrigation system that feeds the Vilar de Suente meadows, by which water was conducted to the fields using a system of small, simple sluicegates which were opened and closed on specific days and times in order to ensure the availability of water required for the crops of each landowner. The rules for the distribution of water are based on the Communal principle which recognises the right of all to make use of this scarce resource, which, by its nature, belongs to the whole community.

The stream is crossed by way of the beautiful Lapa Bridge, built in stone as are the other bridge structures found along this farm track as it connects several hamlets belonging to the Village of Soajo.



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