Panoramic view over Lindoso

Lindoso, Ponte da Barca

From this spot we can enjoy the panoramic view that opens up in the direction of Lindoso Castle. It really is a unique scene and one that deserves to be captured.

Within the village the Medieval Castle stands out along with the cluster of espigueiros as well as the surrounding agricultural lands. Impressed on the view is the huge expanse of water of the Alto Lindoso reservoir; it is possible to identify the point where the Castro Laboreiro river (which flows in a N-S direction) joins the waters of Lima (NE-SW orientation). We can also see more clearly the distinction between the Serra Amarela and Serra do Soajo mountain systems, separated by the Lima River. On the hillslopes opposite our viewpoint (Serra do Soajo), we can identify the villages of Paradela (at the highest altitude) and Campo Grande. Roughly in the same direction and at the highest points visible, it is possible to identify the peaks of Penameda (1268 meters) and Outeiro Alvo (1314 m), near the Sanctuary of Senhora da Peneda.



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