Branda de Bordença bridge (Ribeira de Bordença)

Soajo, Arcos de Valdevez

At this point we are on the bridge of Bordença, of medieval age, an age which attests to the antiquity of the branda and the importance of this path not only as a route of transhumance to the summer pastures and settlements, but also to the places of worship that abound in these mountains (Sr. da Paz, Sra. de Peneda, S. Bento do Cando).

The Bordença stream, a tributary of the River Adrão, exhibits the characteristics of a mountain watercourse, forming a deep V shaped valley with a relatively narrow channel which gives rise to raging and turbulent torrents when in full flow. The Ribeira de Bordença receives waters from the João Cão stream the Baja water channel, both of which have sources in the highest levels of the Serra do Soajo, at 1370 meters altitude and near to the peak of Pedrada (1416 meters).



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