This stage, which is about 7 km long, starts in the centre of the village of Castro Laboreiro, more precisely at the location adapted as a viewpoint, where a panel marking the startpoint of the Castro Laboreiro – Lamas de Mouro stage is located. Careful reading of this panel is recommended. During the walk, look out for the waymarks and signs for the GR50 – Peneda-Gerês Long Distance Path.

Leaving from the start panel, the route goes north along the main road, until you find the next signpost for the GR50, next to the Hotel Castrum Villae, which indicates a turn to the left. About 450 meters further on, there is a change of direction, this time to the right, following towards Lamas de Mouro (note that at this point there is an intersection of Stage 1, south/left being the path to Ameijoeira, and stage 2, which leads north/right to Lamas de Mouro). From this point on, the route follows an old path that connects the village with settlements located further north and is in fact continuation of the old corridor linking the brandas and inverneiras of the righthand bank of the Castro Laboreiro River. Here the path is very easy, following along on the same level, providing ample opportunity for observation. It crosses Porto Seco brook using the old Veigas Bridge, and then across a flat area parallel to the river, until there is another change in direction by the buildings at the Veigas leisure area, then continuing along the path that connects Vido and Portelinha. Just before Vido, the route deflects to the west (turning to the left), towards a hill, rising gradually from 1000 up to 1100 meters altitude. As we climb, the ground underfoot and the surrounding environment change, the route now following a livestock trail giving access to the highest meadows and crossing an area essentially of scrub. The highest point (1100 meters) is reached in an area of woodland with oak, pine and birch trees, providing an important refuge for several species of fauna. Shortly after this woodland the route heads to the north, flanking a small marsh (peat bog complex) and, a few meters later, turning back to the West (turning left), gradually descending through scrub and rocky outcrops we come to Lamas de Mouro park gate. This interpretation centre offers a range of services and support facilities as well as providing tourist information.

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