Take care to look out for the waymarks and signposts for the GR50 as there are several intersections and branches along this stage, as well as other waymarked routes. The signposts relating to the GR50 are clearly identified and, along this stage, are numbered from 5.1 to 5.45 (a numbered plate attached to the signpost or supporting post of the information panel or direction tag). Always follow the GR 50 waymarks and plates that indicate the direction to "Mezio".

The walk begins at the churchyard of Senhor da Paz in Adrão and extends for about 8.5 kilometers before reaching Mezio. Along the way we breathe in the mountain air of the Serras da Peneda and Soajo with its rugged, imponent granite mountains. However the route reveals far more to us than simply a granite landscape. Between the hills and valleys we find bucolic woods, the local flora and fauna, streams of crystalline waters, old summer cattle shelters, pilgrim ways... whatever, another side of the mountains is revealed. The hues of the landscape change with each season, changing from the greens, purples and yellows of the warmer seasons, to the reddish-yellows of the autumn and the brown and grey tones of the winter which are often shrouded in mist.

Leaving from the information panel at Senhor da Paz and following the path to the rear of the chapel in a southerly direction (towards "Mezio"), we start the descent to Branda de Bordença (about 800 meters from the start point), an old summer shelter for cattle, still retaining traces of the small nucleus of dwellings that were occupied during the warmest months of the year. The track leads us to a bridge across the Ribeira de Bordença, which leads us over to the southern side of the stream. The natural beauty of this place and the setting of Bordença within the surrounding landscape cannot fail to attract our attention! Spend a moment here. Enjoy the peace and tranquility that spot offers us.

Continuing to the south, following the old farm track which provided access to the highest areas of brandas (summer shelters and pastures), we soon come to Ínsuas de Soajo (about 2 km from Bordença), having skirted around Branda de Murço. Along the route we see contrasts within the rural scenery, sometimes with signs of abandonment, sometimes with signs of life with cared for fields, maintained walls, pastures, restored houses and even school-age children.

At Ínsuas de Soajo you can see fine examples of the old shelters (abrigos) formerly used by shepherds. After passing Ínsuas we reach a junction with plaque indicating the direction to Mezio. Here you will need to turn right, walking the track until you reach the main road (EN 202). Turning to our left, we walk about 100 meters along the EN202 and then join a farm track off to the right. This is an old paved way, built by the local people to facilitate access to the highest areas of the Soajo mountains. We climb up this old pavement for about 800 meters until we reach a wider forestry dirt track. About 300 meters further ahead we come to the ruins of the old Forest Guard’s House at Entre Outeiros. Continuing westwards turning right shortly after passing the access to the house, going along the Chamaecyparis woodland path. A few meters further ahead we cross over once more the EN202, entering a forestry track. Carry on, always following the markings. The landscape still has the marks of and allows one to understand the destruction caused by the great fire that, in 2006, devastated much of this area of the Serra do Soajo. In this area we can see the many stone walls that delimit the mountain enclosures.

After about a kilometer, we rejoin the EN 202. We follow the asphalt for about 500 meters until reaching a signpost that directs us to the right, onto a forestry track that leads us to the Park Gate at Mezio. Along this final section we go through part of the Forest of Mezio which was also affected by the fire of 2006. You may pass through areas that are fenced off due to the reforestation work taking place in the Mezio Forest.

Finally, you will reach the Mezio Park Gate, which you may visit and make use of the facilities available there.

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