The stage begins in the village of Peneda (which lies in the Municipality of Arcos de Valdevez) and extends for a little more than 10 km until you reach the Chapel of Nosso Senhor da Paz in Adrão. During the walk look out for the waymarks and signposts for the GR50 – Peneda-Gerês Long Distance Path. The route follows very close and parallel to the municipal road linking Peneda to Adrão, passing through several settlements within the parishes of Gavieira and Soajo.

Leaving from the information panel marking the start of the stage, located on the road that provides vehicle access to the shrine of Our Lady of Peneda, the route turns left and follows a path through the middle of the hamlet. If you prefer you can go down the Via Sacra (the stone stairway heading south) re-joining the GR at the foot of the stairway.

Rejoining the original path at the foot of the Via Sacra, the route passes through the carpark and, before the bridge over the Peneda River, turns to the right onto a track that follows parallel to the river between water-meadows and alvarinho oak woods. After about another kilometer the track joins onto the EN 202 National Road. At this point we turn to the right following the road for about 150 meters after which we once more enter another dirt track, with a particularly beautiful view over the mosaic of fields found there. We follow this track that will lead us to the hamlet of Beleiral. We pass through the village, following its main street, always with the Peneda river on the left-hand side. After leaving Beleiral we continue for about 700 meters until we find markings that indicate that we turn to the left onto a forestry dirt track; this leads us to near the confluence of the Peneda river with the Pomba. About 100 meters before the exact point of this confluence, we turn off the track to the right, following a path that leads us to the bridge over the Pomba River, built in stone blocks and concrete. We cross the river and start the ascent towards the village of Tibo, which we can see up head of us. In the centre of the village it is worth looking at the village chapel, dedicated to the Holy Spirit. Leaving the village behind us, we walk about 100 meters along the main road until finding a marker indicating a left turn where we join an old farm track built almost entirely with stone slabs. We continue, following the waymarks. After passing a seasonal stream bed, the route rises up to eventually join the main EN 202 road which passes alongside the farm sheds that can be seen near the top of the slope. We follow the path that flanks the fencing of the farm and reach the EN202. There may be sheep dogs near to the farm buildings. Don’t be frightened and proceed calmly and with common sense. They are animals that are used to the presence of people.

Once on the EN202, we turn left and follow this for about 100 meters (but see alternative below) until we enter, on the right a rough path which leads us to the top of the slope at 880 meters altitude and where you will find some shrines. The route rejoins the EN 202, turning to the right, in the direction of Adrão.

Alternative: if you want to experience the view from the Tibo viewpoint, do not join the rough path described above. Instead keep on the main road until you reach the viewpoint (about 300 meters after the farm sheds) which provides a fabulous view over the valleys of the rivers Pomba and Peneda, the cliffs of the Pastorinhas and the patterns of fields and woodland around Gavieira. To rejoin the GR 50 continue along the road. About 300 meters ahead you will find the GR 50 waymarks again.

Follow on in the direction of Adrão along the EN 202 for a further 800 m until we turn to the right onto a footpath, in woodland, which takes us down to Adrão forestry house soon after we have re-crossed the EN202. After passing the aforementioned forestry house we now enter the local track that leads us directly to the village of Adrão. We cross the bridge over the river Adrão and pass through the village until we reach the cemetery. Here we turn left and continue along the access way to the chapel of Senhor da Paz which marks the end point of this stage. This is a very pleasant spot, inviting one to rest and reflect. Enjoy it!

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